Flower delivery in Dushanbe — Tajikistan

We are employees of a flower shop in the center of Dushanbe, delivering a variety of flowers for the population of Dushanbe at the best prices for you. We have our own flower gardens in the city, where dozens of types of flowers are grown and delivered fresh to the population.

Flower delivery in DushanbeOur staff has many years of experience in the preparation of floral bouquets, which have thematic compositions, including flowers for loved ones, relatives, romantic, birthday, holiday, funeral, modern, hi-tech, for weddings and other events, as well as for individuals.

Flower delivery in Dushanbe - Tajikistan

Citizens of Tajikistan, like the peoples of Europe at the highest civilized level, give flowers and adore flowers with admiration as a gift for any holiday. Especially women and girls of Tajikistan, regardless of their place of residence, whether they are residents of the capital (Dushanbe) or people in remote areas, are happy to receive flowers as a sign of respect and love.

It is usually popular in our country to give red or white roses, assorted bouquets of flowers, peonies, etc. These flowers are grown in specialized farms near the city of Dushanbe, and they are also brought to Tajikistan in the winter season, which affects the cost.

Korti Millaz Alif Sarmoya It should be noted that there are dozens of flower shops in Dushanbe, and among them the most famous are the flower shops TsUM, Guldasta, Sadbarg, Make me Happy, Kapriz Shop, House Print, flower.tj, Roxana and many others.

Flower delivery in Dushanbe - Tajikistan

Call and order! Or write to us by messengers and we are ready to Deliver flowers to your relatives in Dushanbe and nearby cities and regions. You can pay for flowers with the following types of money transfers:

To a bank card: 5084 2702 8034 0018 (Corti Milli);
To telephone balance: 985750484
Money transfers through the bank without opening an account through the system: Zolotaya Korona, Contact, Western Union and others. These systems translate instantly in a couple of minutes.